Cromwell Marine Creek Road Widening Improvements

NTP Date: xx /xx /xx /
Final Completion Date: xx /xx /xxxx

Project Description

The project consists of the reconstruction of 2.11 miles of Cromwell Marine Creek Road from Boat Club Road to Marine Creek Parkway.  The project includes 6’-10’ sidewalks and shared used paths, streetlights, 20” ductile iron water line relocation, 4-lane divided (4-11’) commercial and neighborhood connector road with the ability to reduce median and widen to 6-lane in the future.  The project includes conversion to curbed road with enclosed drainage system with inlets and upsized culverts; modification of existing traffic signal at Boat Club Road and Huffines Boulevard and new traffic signal at Bowman Roberts Road and Crystal Lake Drive.  A 201’ span concrete bridge over Marine Creek on the east side of the project and modifications to the existing roundabout at Marine Creek Parkway.  All work will be performed within City and TxDOT right-of-way and easements. 


Tammam Nashad
Project Manager
(469) 886-6613

Joel Holcomb
Sr. Project Engineer
(469) 354-7066


1: Lane Restriction / New Temporary Roadway

Location: Bowman Roberts Rd/Huffines Blvd & Bob Hanger St. / Crystal Lake Dr.
Dates: Quarter 2 2024 – Quarter 4 2024
Closure Type: Restricted lanes. Installation of new temporary roads for future construction phases. Installation of new underground storm drainage.




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